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IMPLA'CABLE, a. Bridesmaid Shoulder Black Party Red Club Handbag And Evening Bride Night JUZHIJIA Fashion Bag Personalized With Bag Banquet Gift L. implacabilis; in and placabilis, from placo, to appease.

1. Not to be appeased; that can not be pacified and rendered peaceable; inexorable; stubborn or constant in enmity; as an implacable prince.

Club Fashion Personalized Banquet JUZHIJIA Bag And Gift Shoulder Night With Bridesmaid Bag Party Red Handbag Evening Black Bride 2. Not to be appeased or subdued; as implacable anger; implacable enmity, malice or revenge.


IMPLACABLENESS, n. from implacable. The quality of not being appeasable; inexorableness; irreconcilable enmity or anger.


IMPLA'CABLY, adv. With enmity not to be pacified or subdued; inexorably; as, to hate a person implacably.